Once users get to your site, what are they doing next? Are they following through the sales funnel, or are they jumping ship early? Gaining user visibility through inbound marketing strategies, like Search Engine Optimization, is incredibly important for users to determine who you are and where to find you. However, ensuring that users take the plunge and contact you to take the next step – that falls to Lead Optimization.

What is Lead Optimization?

Lead Optimization, or Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), turns users into customers. By examining data like user behavior, industry trends, and on-site design, marketers can take a detailed snapshot of which users took actions and which users dropped off. Then, they can determine why and what needs to happen to catch leads before they leave.

Loaded with that information, CRO develops strategies to improve the site, and smooth out bumps that users weren’t expecting to enhance sales. Making a smoother process, offering the right products, and designing cleaner landing pages are all examples that CROs improve site conversion rates.

Data-Driven Strategies Backed by Results

At Schweb Design, our CRO is anchored in data and propelled by results. Each strategy we develop has a distinct purpose backed by demographics data, and we pivot with the market when necessary. 

Using tested and preferred tools like SEM Rush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and HotJar, we break down user behavior into obstacle sets, and then develop long-term CRO strategies to overcome them.

For example, any time a site has a disproportionately high abandoned cart rate, or high traffic with low conversions, we analyze user sets to determine why. Sometimes it’s an unpredictable glitch that prevents sales on certain devices; but sometimes it’s a systemic lack of trust from users who expected more. 

No matter what the cause, or how deeply rooted, we first identify the areas of concern and always follow up with options for improvement.

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CRO, when used in combination with SEO, Content Marketing, and Paid Advertising, can significantly increase your marketing ROI. With a constant quality cycle in place, your site will evolve with your market for the best possible experience – and most profitable returns.

Schweb Design is a Lancaster-based web development and digital marketing company created as a one-stop shop for all of your online needs. If your conversions are lower than you expected, or if your growth has stagnated in recent months, give us a call for information about our Lead Optimization services. 

Don’t waste your leads, cultivate them.

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