At Schweb Design, we build, learn, and communicate with the heart of a teacher. We focus on growing and sharing knowledge together, and in fostering relationships forged in mutual trust with each other, and with our clients.

We aspire to help small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals across the U.S. thrive by building websites, gaining customers, and increasing sales. Our methods are transparent and efficient, and we keep things simple without hiding behind jargon.

Above all, we endeavor daily to do honest, ethical work and to deliver effective and data-driven solutions while teaching how to be successful in the digital world.

Meet the Team

Cameron Hess & Family

Cameron Hess


With a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering, Cameron has been in web development since 2007 and founded Schweb Design in 2008.

He became interested in this field after learning programming and web design. He found he loves the puzzle-like, complex nature of web development and is specifically fond of finding unique solutions that are visually appealing and functional. Outside of work, Cameron enjoys spending time with his wife and their 3 kids, playing tabletop games and video games, geeking out, watching movies, and being outside.

At Schweb, Cameron primarily communicates with clients to plan and find solutions to their new or existing websites or apps. On any given day, he can be found doing website and app UX/UI design, technical planning, project management, project proposals, and estimates. Most of all, he enjoys envisioning and advising clients on ideal potential solutions with attention to detail.

Fun Fact: Cameron suddenly became blind for about 8 months when he was in high school, but his vision slowly came back.

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Developer Team Lead

Mark has worked in computer science full-time since 2012 and has a Bachelor of Science in computer and information science with a concentration in computer science, as well as a minor in business information systems.

He was originally drawn to computer science and development through his interest in working with computers. In his free time, Mark enjoys basketball, Pokemon Go, playing with puppies, and is a foster parent and grandparent along with his wife Ashley.

At Schweb, Mark manages the development team, defines and refines teamwide standard procedures, coordinates with other teams within the company, continues full-stack web development, and works on internal development tools.

Fun Fact: Mark became a grandfather at the age of 30.

Greg Spath and family

Greg Spath

DevOps Engineer

In the field since 1994, Greg has a bachelor of science in aerospace engineering and is CISSP certified.

His interest in DevOps engineering and system administration came from a fascination with how things work. Greg spends his free time whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and camping. He also volunteers with Team River Runner to help disabled veterans through the use of paddlesports.

At Schweb, Greg is responsible for properly building, scaling, and maintaining the infrastructure that developers and users depend on as well as ensuring configurations and security patch levels are consistent.

Fun Fact: Greg’s birthday is on April Fool’s Day.

Brandon Sanders

Brandon Sanders

Marketing Director

Brandon has been in social media marketing since 2010 and full stack since 2016.

He became interested in the marketing field’s fun challenge of adapting to its constantly changing and evolving nature. Outside of work, Brandon can be found spending time with his wife and 2 kids, playing video games, or working out.

At Schweb, Brandon leads the marketing team, organizes and deploys marketing-related activities, meets with clients, and relays the needs of clients to the team.

Fun Fact: Brandon is a water ski instructor specializing in teaching kids and adults with special needs. He’s taught over 200 skiers and been part of some watersports-related world records.

Staff member Keller Martin

Keller Martin

Full Stack Web Developer

Keller has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and has been in the field since 2020.

He was drawn to web development because it allows him to solve tough problems while incorporating creativity. The combination of problem-solving and creativity made the field a perfect fit. In his free time, Keller enjoys working out, competing in sports with friends, and playing board and video games.

At Schweb, Keller creates both frontend and backend custom solutions for clients, makes updates to old features, and improves outdated features.

Fun Fact: Keller likes to play disc golf and has played a round in at least 4 different states.

Luther Karper and dog

Luther Karper

Full Stack Web Developer

In the web development field since 2020, Luther has a Bachelor of Arts in history, a Master of Arts in classics, and a Ph.D. in ancient history.

He was drawn to web development for its mix of creativity, solving problems, and improving the lives of people. Luther lives with his wife, their daughter, and their Cockapoo dog. Outside of work, he enjoys walking, hiking, swimming, cooking, and playing in the yard with his family.

At Schweb, Luther builds and improves client websites and apps, regularly auditing and updating them as well. He often creates new features that require a mix of code stacks to create intuitive, attractive layouts.

Fun Fact: Luther is an avid Fantasy Premier League manager and once finished in the top 1% of players worldwide (around 5 million total players).

Dan Canton

Dan Canton

Project Manager

Dan has been a project manager since 2004 and has an associate’s degree in business administration, a bachelor’s degree in finance, and has taken classes in VB, C++, and project management.

He became focused on this field because of his interest in computers and creating processes for large programs. In his free time, Dan enjoys fishing, hiking, and working on house projects.

At Schweb, Dan manages business requirements and needs, tracks developers’ time against their estimates, and helps make the overall process more efficient.

Fun Fact: Dan was born in Bermuda where his family can be dated back to at least 1761. Canton Bay in Smiths Parish, Bermuda is named after one of Dan’s ancestors.

Chris Frank

Chris Frank

Full Stack Web Developer

Chris began developing websites in 2006 as a hobby before entering the field professionally in 2010.

He was fascinated by the way this field brings new, useful, and fun things into the world. In his free time, Chris stays up-to-date on all things tech-related and is especially interested in the technology of self-driving cars.

At Schweb, Chris works with WordPress, Laravel, and Drupal to create new sites and update existing ones while also handling app development.

Fun Fact: If Chris could have a lifetime supply of one thing, it would be Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell.

Nicole Mast

Nicole Mast

SEO & Content Specialist

In the field since 2020, Nicole has a Bachelor of Science in psychology and certifications in user research and user experience design.

She was drawn to this field by her interest in company branding, the psychology behind design, and helping people find solutions to problems. In her free time, Nicole enjoys DIY projects, mystery novels, video games, and playing with her two cats, Basil and Cannoli.

At Schweb, Nicole does site audits to check for areas of improvement, writes blogs, sends out monthly email marketing campaigns, and creates graphics.

Fun Fact: If she could have any superpower, Nicole would want the ability to teleport so she could visit more places and avoid long plane rides.

Kyle McKiernan

Kyle McKiernan

SEO & Content Specialist

With a Bachelor of Science in business administration, majors in marketing and management, and a minor in history, Kyle has been in the marketing field since 2020.

He was drawn to marketing by his interest in measuring the impact of marketing efforts and knowing how many people interact with and become customers of brands. Kyle is a self-proclaimed sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast who enjoys playing tabletop games and hiking in his spare time.

At Schweb, Kyle analyzes website performance, identifies opportunities to grow in online visibility, and executes tasks that help reach set goals.

Fun Fact: Kyle has broken a bone twice in his life and both times had been in the same place on his left wrist.

Ryan Apanowicz

Ryan Apanowicz

Full Stack Web Developer

Ryan has been a web developer since 2008 and joined the Schweb Team in 2023.

In junior high, he became intrigued by programming and web design as creative tools to solve issues that the software he was using couldn’t handle or solve. When not working, you can catch Ryan outside exploring new places with friends and family. He enjoys Traveling, Volleyball, Hiking, Biking, and Video Games.

At Schweb, Ryan designs and develops websites using Laravel, WordPress, and other CMS’s and frameworks. He troubleshoots websites and ensures the ongoing upkeep of clients’ websites and services.

Fun Fact: Ryan worked on and off in Shanghai China for a couple of years.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison

Full Stack Web Developer

Working on development projects part-time starting in 2007, Matt has a Bachelor of Science in video game design and became a professional web developer in 2012.

After high school, Matt found himself learning C++ and creating programs. He enjoyed applying programming languages in a creative fashion and focusing on UI development. Thus, in college, he helped fellow students show off their hard work by building portfolio websites for them. When not at work, Matt can be found hiking with his wife Daneen and their 3 kids, fishing, and working on carpentry projects.

At Schweb, Matt builds custom themes for WordPress websites, creates custom functionality on Drupal, maintains existing projects, keeps website styling consistent, and programs the functionality that makes websites useful to clients.

Fun Fact: Matt was voted the “Swedish Prince” of Mount Jewett, PA.

Reid Burger

Reid Burger

Full Stack Web Developer

Reid graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Digital Media from Messiah University in 2023, and he has been working as a full stack developer at Schweb since then.

He was drawn to this industry by his love for being creative, working with computers, and helping people. He especially enjoys when he can help a client make a positive and noticeable difference in their company with their website. Outside of work, he enjoys playing piano, composing music, playing board games and video games, D&D, and doing DIY projects. He also enjoys spending quality time with his friends and going out on weekends to explore the world and uncover hidden gems.

At Schweb, Reid works in WordPress and Drupal and updates websites, adds new features and content, and troubleshoots bugs and other issues as they arise.

Fun Fact: Reid wrote and published a book when he was eight years old.

Projects with Purpose 

We prioritize building effective solutions for clients’ specific needs that are functional and maintainable into the future. We build sites with end goals in mind, whether it’s selling products or building audiences. We’re also very practical in our marketing strategies, and keep client ROI in mind at every stage.

Quality and Hard Work

We always strive do the highest quality work, without cutting corners and with complete transparency throughout. Our work speaks for itself in its advanced structure and form, from complex intranets to wildly successful SEO campaigns, to sleek and stylish designs.

We work hard to build what our clients need. Their success is our success, and we draw inspiration from one another. With time dedicated to researching and learning the newest and most effective techniques, and by keeping ourselves up-to-date, our sites stay modern, secure, and effective.

Humble Beginnings: Our History

After working with and for too many businesses that operated unethically, ungenerously, or at an apathetic pace, Cameron Hess wanted to start his own business and change things.

He knew that the potential was there for a much better product and service if work is done with integrity, if communication is done well with clients, if detail is paid attention to, and with the heart of a teacher.

That by being more giving with our time, knowledge, and experience, products would naturally and collectively become more refined, and client relationships could flourish and grow.

So in 2008, Cameron Hess started Schweb Design. He began working alone at an old desk in his living room. As the client base and workload grew, Schweb needed to grow, too.

He moved to an office and hired the first team member in 2011. We’ve been growing ever since, and Cameron’s vision for Schweb is now realized.