At Schweb, we recognize how tough it can be to grow an online presence while also running a business. There’s just not enough time in a day to get it all done. But when Marketing falls by the wayside, business growth can start to stagnate.

Our Marketing team specializes in capturing brands and representing them right. We do our research and get the job done while keeping client communication open and transparent. Our strategies are backed by data, and we do it all with the heart of a teacher. We offer all of the benefits of a full service marketing agency, right here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Take a look at Schweb’s Marketing services, and instead of worrying about new posts and managing your marketing, give us a call if you’d like to get back to what matters most: running your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Building a website is a great first step to being found online, but it takes nourishment to grow user traffic and start making sales. For search engines like Google to locate a site it must be fresh, relevant, and thoroughly linked – it takes Search Engine Optimization.

At Schweb, we maintain regular On-site and off-site SEO with backlinking and content generation, as well as technical improvements to sites. We perform Local SEO to target Lancaster County customers, as well as National SEO and beyond to target users across the world– all backed by data, and with regular transparent reporting.

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Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are a fantastic resource for getting a business’s message directly in front of users, fast. However, with how platforms change and users shift interests, it can become seriously time consuming to maintain a profitable campaign.

A Schweb, we apply an analytical view to our PPC campaigns, and prune keywords, change copy, alter landing pages, adjust bids, perform regional and competitor analyses, and much more to ensure ROI. Across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, we track results and provide regular performance reports as we go.

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Website Copywriting

Once a site is made, it will need text to educate users on what a business is about. The Marketing team at Schweb takes a personalized approach to copywriting, with interviews and open communication throughout the process.

We use the core values of a business and research its target market to craft the ideal text to bring the market to you – with the added bonus of including the preliminary foundations of SEO. We write copy for sites from scratch, as well as adapt older copy for a fresh take.

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Lead Optimization and User Experience

Visibility is essential online to gaining traffic and converting users to create leads and make sales; but what if they aren’t converting? If users aren’t behaving as intended, there could be something blocking their movement. This is where Conversion Rate Optimization comes in.

User Experience is a facet of Marketing that becomes critical for moving users through the funnel into finalizing a sale. To get there, we perform audits that harness user behavior data to provide suggestions, and then implement changes that will remove blockages to making sales.

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Social Media Management

Nowadays, legitimacy is often decided by not only having a website, but by its social media presence. The platforms for Social Media are ever shifting and changing, and keeping up with post schedules and promotions can quickly get overwhelming. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok – and all with their own posting schedules and distinct audiences.

At Schweb, we integrate campaigns for maximum results: cross-promoting site blogging and newsletters with social media to generate a strong social presence – while also boosting site traffic. We take a holistic approach to bolster results.

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Email Marketing

We develop email strategies using target market research and subscription data to set times and schedules for newsletters and email blasts. With consistent messaging and promotions running, growing engagement is natural and authentic.

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Our marketing team cultivates powerful and consistent brands across multiple channels that deliver results while leaving a lasting impression. We bring employees together with workshops and presentations that collect the core ideals behind a business.

Whether you need messaging, visual theming, or even internal brainstorming sessions, we bring businesses to life across websites, social media, and ad campaigns.

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At Schweb Design, we’re a Lancaster-based web development and digital marketing company created as a one-stop shop for all of your online needs. Give us a call or contact us today to find out more about our marketing strategies and how to grow your business online.

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