Once you build a website, it needs somewhere to live – that’s where hosting comes in. Having reliable hosting for your site is critical in keeping it up and running effectively, and in making it readily available at all times for users.

Website Hosting

At Schweb, our no-contract, fully-managed hosting service includes 24/7 support in case of emergencies or service downtime. We have over 15 years of experience providing hosting for over 200 websites of all types and sizes from simple WordPress sites to large-scale ecommerce sites, and even APIs requiring custom servers and infrastructure planning.

As a service, we also perform quarterly website security maintenance keep websites up-to-date when CMSs and plugins update.

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Domain Registration

For new sites and new branding, we offer domain registration services for businesses looking for an online presence. Choosing a domain name that reflects your business and the image you want to present online can be challenging, especially if the first few you try are already taken. At Schweb, we’ll help you find the right domain for you.

Domains registered are fully owned by you and your business, but managed by Schweb – saving you management time and renewal headaches.

All domains include optional domain privacy, which helps your business remain worry-free. Domain privacy ensures that your private domain name contact information always stays private reducing spam, unsolicited mail, and scams that bog down daily operations.

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Email Hosting

If your business has outgrown smaller email services and needs to take it to the next level, or if you need a dependable, secure email, we can do that. Schweb offers email hosting with the space and security you need. Having dedicated email hosting also gives you the added perk of having your business’s domain listed on your email addresses – making it that much more professional.

We’re available with 24/7 customer service that’s second-to-none, and if you run into trouble we’re here to help.

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Spam Filtering

If you find yourself sifting through endless stacks of incoming spam to your site, having a professional take a look might save you hours of valuable time you otherwise wouldn’t get back. We’ll be happy to set up filtering on your behalf, and give you much needed relief.

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Backup Solutions

Even with the latest cutting edge technology at your disposal, sometimes the unexpected can happen. When sites don’t have a backup set up, they run the risk of losing everything. To protect sites’ images, content, and lead information, we build and maintain backups catered to your business’ needs.

We provide automatic daily, weekly, and monthly backups for your entire hosting account. Additionally, we provide backup integrity testing, to ensure backups are intact, not corrupt, and would work in the event of a situation where they are needed to restore data from.  

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