Email marketing is a classic. It’s one of digital marketing’s most tried and true techniques, continuing as a powerful campaign type even now. With over 4 billion active email users worldwide and rising, email is a prime marketing channel with unlimited potential when the right strategy is used.

Developing a Strategy 

Every business, both large and small, is unique and has different marketing needs. At Schweb Design, we get to know our clients and have open communication on a regular basis. We work with you to identify the breadth of your services, products, and brand to pinpoint the target audience that gives you the highest ROI. 

Our marketing team does research and forms tactics around the needs of your business’ audience. We aim to develop a long-term strategy that better serves your audience, and you. With segmentation, we narrow down lists to create specifically generated content that leads to optimal results.

Great Content Makes Loyal Subscribers

Identifying your target audience is one thing, but building a subscriber list is another. This is where copywriting comes in. Strong copywriting shows customers that your business’ content is valuable and worth subscribing to. However, to keep customers subscribed, the content delivered must continue to live up to their expectations.

At Schweb, our newsletters feature engaging and authentic content that keeps subscribers coming back for more. With infographics, detailed photos, and strong relevant copy, users get the details they need to follow through the sales funnel. Our team maintains consistent delivery schedules based on email performances and updates strategies to keep users interested.

Getting the Conversion

Having and maintaining a loyal subscriber base is a fantastic start, but email marketing really excels with strong copywriting that inspires users to take action. We focus on delivering fresh, high-quality content that serves users and leads them to a sale without being “salesy”. It’s a delicate balance but, when done correctly, can make all the difference to users!

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At Schweb Design, we build strong, personalized email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Constant Contact. To start building your subscriber list and take advantage of this marketing method with billions of users, give us a call or send us an email for a free consultation today!

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