Our Work Speaks for Itself: Lancaster’s trusted
web design partner for over 16 years!

Our Process

Step 1: Call Us

Begin your journey by giving us a call. This first touchpoint is where you tell us about your business needs and what you envision for your website. It’s the first and oftentimes hardest step, but the fact that you’re on our page lets us know you’re ready to make a change.

Step 2: Free Consultation

After our initial conversation, we’ll schedule a free consultation. This session is dedicated to diving deeper into your requirements, discussing potential design strategies, and outlining the scope of your project. We ensure our plan aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Step 3: Design Your Website Alongside us

The exciting part—designing your website! Work closely with our team as we bring your vision into reality. You’ll be involved throughout the process, from initial drafts to the final touches, ensuring the end result not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


I’m Cameron Hess (owner of Schweb Design), and I’m thrilled you’re considering working with us. Our team is committed to crafting websites that are as unique and dynamic as the businesses they represent. We’re proud to be serving the greater Lancaster area for many years now. We welcome you to join us and learn how we’ve maintained so many great relationships with the websites we’ve built. Consultations are always free, so give us a call today!

Pre-Built, Pre-Designed or Custom-Designed Websites

When you hire Schweb Design for website development, we’ll explore three approaches to building your business’s website.

Pre-Built Theme

A Pre-Built Theme is a basic theme or template that’s chosen from several options. Small changes to the design & publishing of content is done within this theme and is kept basic, simple, and clean. This allows very little time for design work beyond what the template provides, but will save you time and money.


A Pre-Designed Theme is a website design or layout will be purchased and integrated as a flexible theme with the website framework. We research the best option(s) focused on your ideal visitor experience, design quality, and consistency with your brand image. This is our middle-tier option with plenty of customizations available.


A Custom-Designed Theme is a fully unique design exclusive to your business, designed by us, and integrated as a flexible theme. The design will be catered exactly to your brand, ideal visitor experience, and content presentation for your product or service. Design consideration is placed into several contexts (e.g. home page, landing pages, and product pages). A website wireframe and/or prototype preview are drafted for your review & approval.

Our Design Philosophy

Website design should be simple, clean, beautiful, and consistent. This doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant, unique, and detailed. Design should be focused on making the website as easy-to-use for your visitors as possible. The design should also be catered toward guiding your visitors’ eye to your calls to action & your unique selling points, helping them complete the task they came to your website to do as quickly and easily as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions