You’ve decided to build a website. The experts have been hired to create a stunning design. Underneath is a powerful content management system that can do almost anything. You’re well on your way to a smashing success story.

Hang On – You Still Need Content

No matter how good your website looks, or how powerful it is, it still needs content. People coming to your site need to know context about you, what you do, and how. Not to mention the SEO value of being found online. Without solid content, your site can become isolated and not function the way you intended.

Copywriters can write effective content for your website and work together with you to show the world what you can do.

Writing unique and engaging copy takes skill and patience. Making it SEO-friendly to be found on Google takes even more skill and patience – not to mention research. This is why we recommend seeking out professionals to get it done for you, and get it done right.

What Users are Looking For

Remember: users don’t go to websites for the way they look – they’re trying to fulfill a need. The ultimate goal of your entire website, from the content to the design, should be to answer your potential or existing customer’s questions.

Yes, websites reinforce your brand and give your company credibility. Yes, people need to see photos of your products. Yes, they need to know what services you provide. But what users really, really want to know is if what you’re providing will be a solution to a need they have.

Perspective is Everything

Consider content generation from your customer’s perspective. What questions are your current customers asking? What do you talk about on the phone with potential customers? What are the needs they are feeling?

Copywriting professionals get to the bottom of what target markets are looking for, and present content in a way that makes sense to them. Perspective is incredibly important, and making sure website content connects with the customers you attract.

Being Authentic

Collecting photos with people from your company or customers and including them on your site gives your brand a face. The less staged, the better. Personal touches like this add credibility that will help potential customers feel safe with your company.

Also, including photos or references to unique or uncommon work you’ve done adds extra bonus points for showcasing what you can do, and everything you’re capable of.

Before contacting a company for copywriting, start taking these photos and getting prepared to show the world who you are.

infographic of the importance of meaningful content

What to Expect at Schweb

To make sure your site is seen, your company is represented well, and your users are getting what they’re looking for, we will write up everything on your behalf. But first, we need a little information.

During the interview process, we usually try to get specific details that only you would know. For example, your internal process for producing a product. Even a few bullet points is enough for us to generate a wealth of copy.

We can fill in a lot of blanks with research, but some things can only come from you. Like:

Your History and Vision

More and more users check on the companies they find before taking the plunge. They give significant thought to where companies come from, who they are, and what they stand for before buying in. They want to know if you’re trustworthy; they want to know if they’re doing the right thing, and if you’re a good fit.

To get ready for this, put some time aside to write up a few bullet points on:

  • when the company started and who started it
  • how or why the company has grown
  • an overview of what has changed and stayed the same over the years
  • the company mission and vision
  • any other interesting or unique achievements
  • what makes you unique?

Your Products and Process

Many services, products, and processes are wholly unique to each company. We do our absolute best to conduct thorough research to capture details, but sometimes that information can only come from the source.

Specifics to think about that are incredibly helpful:

  • Specifications of your product designs
  • Materials and where you source them
  • Shipping requirements and companies you use
  • Payment methods you accept
  • Unique or additional steps in your production that enhance quality
  • What sets your service or product apart from the competition

Having these points ready ahead of time will give us a significant advantage at the project’s start – and will save a lot of time in the interview process.

After the Interview

When we have your company’s specifics, we get to work. We map out the pages you’ll need to get your point across, and well, and then we conduct analyses to give you an edge.


With keyword checks and backlink analyses, we identify gaps and go after content that will jettison your site to the front pages of Google. We check demographics of your target market, and determine the tone for every page. We double check that the design will speak effectively to your target market, and align your message with the data we find.

Using your notes, we find high authority sources to collect further information and set off on the outline process for pages.


Next, we start crafting copy that’s SEO-friendly for search engines and user-friendly for customers. We organize the content to be easily navigable, and synthesize the data and research we collected. With a double editing process, the first draft is clean of typos and organized to suit your needs.

Constant Communication

We follow up during writing and editing by contacting clients to let them know where we are in the process. We send notes, as well as drafts for review. Whenever clients send notes along, we edit the pages and send them back for final approval.

Every step of the way, we give our clients access to the reigns. We believe in transparency, and in clarity. When the writing is approved, we even help developers place it on the site in the optimum layout for the target audience.

The Bottom Line

Honesty, integrity, and hard work get the job done. And at Schweb, we believe in nothing less.