Join a fast-growing company where you can do the best work of your career. Schweb is looking for a talented & experienced full-stack web developer with strong experience developing websites & mobile applications.

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The ideal candidate with will have strong experience with:

  • Laravel framework development.
  • ReactJS (or similar e.g. VueJS)
  • Back end (e.g. PHP) development experience
  • Front end (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Custom development in CMS’s like WordPress or Drupal

As a full-stack web developer at Schweb Design, you will work with dozens of local small businesses & non-profits and join our current team of 12+ developers, designers, and digital marketers.


  • 1+ years of experience with Laravel
  • 1+ years of experience with React.js (or similar e.g. VueJS)
  • 1+ years of experience with 3rd party JSON API’s
  • 1+ years experience in CMS’s like WordPress or Drupal
  • 2+ years experience in Full Stack Development
  • Bachelor or advanced degree in Computer Science (or similar relevant specialization) or equivalent professional experience.

What will set you apart:

  • Advanced experience with the Laravel PHP Framework
  • Advanced experience of ReactJS, VueJS, or other MVC frameworks frontends
  • Experience with React Native iOS / Android App development
  • Proficiency with Relational and NoSQL databases (e.g. MariaDB/MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Advanced understanding of popular CMS frameworks like WordPress and/or Drupal including custom theming and development
  • Experience with Git version-control, CLI commands & related tools
  • Website design experience and an eye for design.
  • A related degree such as Computer Science, Web Development, IT/IS, or Website Design


  • Local, hybrid or remote work (Must be authorized to work in the US)
  • Hours per week: 40 +
  • Work weekends? Optional
  • Work with a team? Work will require both solo and team work.
  • Average daily start time: 8-9am. Average daily end time: 4:30-5:30pm
  • Health Insurance
  • Holiday pay. Paid time off. Parental leave
  • Overtime and bonus pay available
  • Pay commensurate with experience

Responsibilities & duties:

  • Write front-end code, back-end code, integrate with frameworks and APIs, and utilize CLI tools and configuration GUI’s as necessary.
  • Build & maintain web and mobile applications and integrations for a wide variety of client types. Focus on creating an exceptional visitor experience and an efficient, maintainable implementation of functional specifications.
  • Keep up-to-date with web development technologies and trends.
  • Implement, integrate, and test attractive, thoughtfully laid out mobile-first web and mobile applications.
  • Work with clients and business leaders to discover, define, and execute solutions that are scalable, maintainable, and cost-effective, including requirements analysis.
  • Effectively estimate the time and requirements needed to develop a project to specifications.

Highlights about this job:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Overtime available
  • Opportunity to earn extra incentive pay
  • Work with a wide array of clients and industries
  • Collaborative team environment
  • You will learn something new every day
  • Challenging, unique, & daily-changing work
  • Work rarely follows you home
  • The opportunity to interact directly with clients.
  • Rigorous work environment with focus on efficiency.
  • We are a growing small business with a small team. We have a close-knit, team-oriented culture, and we are still growing.
  • Your tasks from day to day may vary greatly depending on the project(s) at hand.

Top qualities & skills we want:

  • Strong attention to details and procedures; Ability to be analytical and thorough
  • Strong ability to communicate efficiently with team members and clients.
  • Strength in leading as well as working cooperatively with a team.
  • Fast-pasted worker yet thorough and organized.
  • Strong time management ability.
  • Ability to balance multiple tasks across a wide range of client projects and industries. Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Top attitudes we want:

  • Being self-managed with a strong work ethic. You will not have a strict regular agenda or be told what to do each day.
  • Work with a focus on efficiency. You will have the opportunity to set priorities and goals for yourself as well as our clients, which affect their bottom line.
  • Appreciate a challenge and approaches it with commitment, earnestness, and enthusiasm.
  • Have the heart of a teacher with willingness and ability to explain the how and why.

About Schweb:

Schweb is a growing business with exciting projects & work on the horizon. We believe in a team environment that promotes the ability to make a difference within not only our own team but for our clients and local community. Our team treats each other with the heart of a teacher in an environment of respect, collaboration and dedication to excellence.

We believe work should be:

  • done for a purpose
  • fun, yet challenging
  • a learning experience
  • done with excellence
  • done with the heart of a teacher
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