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How to Set Up Your Email with an iPhone – Step by Step

In a Nutshell: The main things you need to set are: Be sure to enter your entire email address as your username and your password for BOTH incoming and outgoing setup. Incoming/outgoing mail servers are both “server.webhostlancaster.com” if using SSL or “mail.yourdomain.com” if NOT using SSL.  if you want to use SSL you MUST use … Continued

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Am I Being Scammed? How to Make Sure Emails Are Legitimate

We are seeing more and more people fall victim to phishing scam emails, so we wanted to share some red flags to watch out for and review a couple examples.   What is Phishing? Phishing is when someone poses as a someone else (such as a trusted website or company) to try to steal your information; such … Continued

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Meaningful Content: the Key to Being Found

You’ve decided to build a website. The experts have been hired to create a stunning design. Underneath is a powerful content management system that can do almost anything. You’re well on your way to a smashing success story. Hang On – You Still Need Content No matter how good your website looks, oh how powerful … Continued

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Business and Social Media

There’s many things to consider when putting your company’s face on the web. Odds are, if you’re thinking about making a website for your company, you’re also thinking about social media. What Is Social Media? Most people have come across a social media site or two at this point. For starters, there’s Facebook, where you can … Continued

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Choosing Domain Names

Choosing the right domain name can be tricky. In terms of traffic, picking the right one is critical. Domains that are difficult to remember or type directly affect how easy it is for users to get to your site, and ones that inaccurately portray your content may deter visitors from search results. Domain Name Relevance Sometimes … Continued

Have I Been Hacked?

How to Protect Yourself from Hacking

There’s little out there that parallels the anxiety of discovering that your site has been compromised. After all, it’s how your customers find you and how the world sees you. Sometimes, it’s where people make payments – and you could be in trouble. If you open up your site and it’s suddenly very different than … Continued